Joint symposium by Unitec Institute of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand) and Technical University Munich (Germany)

29 June to 1 July 2022


The Conference Programme with the concept, the abstracts of all presentations and the biographies of all speaker can be downloaded here.

[29 June]

Welcome and Introduction

Session I: Para-Colonial Forms of Architecture in and Architectural Knowledge about the South Pacific

ROBIN SKINNER (Te Herenga Waka–Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand)
A Systematic Connection: Hermann Frobenius’ Study of Oceanic Building Types (1899)

TINA ENGELS-SCHWARZPAUL & ALBERT REFITI (Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand)
Augustin Krämer, Te Rangi Hīroa and the vā of their Research Networks about Samoa

CAROLYN HILL (University of Waikato, New Zealand)
Re-scribing Indigenous Form: The 19th Century Churches of the London Missionary Society in Rarotonga, Cook Islands

CHARMAINE ‘ILAIU TALEI (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Tongan-German (Siamane) Relations and Its Architecture in the Kingdom of Tonga

Session II: German Colonialism in the Südsee and its Encounters (1884–1914)

HERMANN MÜCKLER (Vienna University, Austria)
From Godeffroy to Hernsheim. German Corporate and Residential Architecture in the South Seas in the Colonial Period and its Reception in Germany of the Time

JASPER LUDEWIG (University of Newcastle, Australia)
Submerged Systems: Colonial Governance and Phosphate Extraction on Nauru and Angaur in German Micronesia (1902–1913)

[30 June]

CHRISTOPH SCHNOOR (Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand)
Colonial Building Practice in German Samoa

KELEMA MOSES (University of California, San Diego)
The Naval Station Tutuila in American Samoa and the Architectural Imaginary

CLEMANS FINKELSTEIN (Princeton University, USA)
Colonial Waves from Apia to Yap: Technoscientific Network Architectures of German Expansionism in Oceania

MICHAEL FALSER (Technical University Munich, Germany)
German colonial architecture in Neuguinea’s Kaiser-Wilhelmsland and the Bismarck-Archipel.
Reconnecting a Fragmented Architectural History

Session III: From Inter-Colonial Encounter to Post-Colonial Building Practices

PAUL STEFFEN (Pontificia Università Urbaniana, Rome, Italy)
Architecturalising Missionary Space. The Steyler Mission Architecture during the German and the Australian Colonial Period in New Guinea (1896-1914-1945)

AMANDA AHMADI & PAUL WALKER (Melbourne University, Australia)
Burns Philps’s Encounters across Colonial Borders: Buildings for Export and Commerce in the South Pacific

[1 July]

JEANETTE BUDGETT (Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand)
Tale of Two Schools: Technoscientific Networks in 1950s Cook Islands

BILL McKAY (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
“The Athens of Tonga”: The 1960s Architecture of Futa Helu’s ‘Atenisi Institute Campus, Nuku’alofa, Tonga

PETER SCRIVER, AMIT SRIVASTAVA, LOUIS LAGARDE (University of Adelaide, Australia / University of New Caledonia)
Australian Architects in Melanesia: Two Case Studies in Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia, 1960s-80s

Session IV: Origins and Heritage Reconsidered – (Post-)Colonial Architecture and Indigenous Legacies

MARTIN FOWLER (independent scholar)
Two Legacies from Kaiser-Wilhelmsland: Adzes and Kulthauser. Berlin and International Exhibitions

LAMA TOME (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
A Building as a Place of Protest: Schaaffhausen’s Bandstand in Apia/Samoa

Issues of Heritage and Conservation: the Courthouse in Apia/Samoa

(Post) Colonial Architectures in Oceania – From Architectural History to Heritage ?